anyone need a sprint treo?

I've got a new-ish sprint treo 755p that I am looking to sell cheaply. I switched to Verizon since my company pays for cell phones only if I'm on their corporate plan. It's in decent shape, but has a small 1/8" scratch on the screen.

Save me the hassle of ebay & shipping!

bad juju

I just spent 4 days at NHMS instructing with 2 clubs I've never taught with before. Sunday & Monday were with the Boston BMW club. I had 2 students--a beginner and intermediate. The beginner had never been on a track before, and she did great. I thought her father looked familiar, and he was: he rolled his M3 at Watkins Glen 3 years ago.

My intermediate student was sharing a Porsche 996 Turbo with someone else. He was 15 minutes late for his first run session because he was in the wrong classroom session. He never showed for his 2nd run session and at the end of the day I finally heard what happened. The person he was sharing the car with forgot to put the oil filler cap back on, so the car came back into the pits with smoke pouring out of the rear. The safety people put the fire out, and then someone had the grand idea that perhaps they should jack the car up and see if anything needed cleaning up. They got a jack and promptly put it thru the middle of the oil pan, dumping 11+ quarts of oil on the pits, thus ending what should have been 2 days at the track for 2 people.

Tuesday & Wednesday were with COM Sports Car Club. They're unique in that they let members compete via time trials. During a time trial, they put 3 or 4 cars out on the track at 15 second intervals and time them. It's pretty safe since it's unlikely you'll be near another car.

Diesel cars used to be rarely seen at the track, but this time there were 3. One of them was a VW engine transplanted into a Spec Racer chassis. There was also an Audi that was running E85 ethanol, with a custom engine program that took advantage of the extra power you can get out of E85.

Wednesday was school day, and I had 2 students with Miatas. My first student just recently had a turbo kit installed and on our first lap, the car lost all power coming out of turn 10. He was able to get it restarted, we pitted and then tried going out again only to have it die in the same place. This pattern continued throughout the day, with him thinking it was fixed, and it not being. The wonderful end to both of our day involved us stalling on the turn 3 hill and barely making it into the escape road. We then sat there, baking in the sun with helmets on for 15+ minutes. I was done after that.

My other student had his water pump fail after his first session.

In better news, despite the heat I managed to lay down 3 decent laps (1:28.63, 1:28.67 and 1:28.47). Not fast enough to place higher than 4th, though.

On the way home, I was so looking forward to turning on the A/C when I came home, but that wasn't meant to be either. My furnace, which seems to be eternally cursed, is dead again. The repair guy said he'd maybe be able to come Friday. Grr.
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3 weddings, no funerals.

The past 3 weeks have had me at 3 different weddings, in 2 states, and in 2 different roles. Back at the start of the month I was at the Antiochian Village camp to shoot the wedding of a couple that met there 4 years ago as camp counselors. Since it was only an hour from where my family lives, it also gave me a chance to see my mom & brother and his family. I got a chance to get schooled on Rock Band by my nephew (the highlight of which was discovering Freezepop had a song on the game!).

Last night I shot another wedding. This time in Waltham at the Paine Estate (aka Stonehurst). It's one of my favorite architectural sites in Boston (both the building and the grounds). If you've never been, go! The weather was great for the wedding (especially considering the rain Friday and today), and things went off without a hitch.

Today I was singing in the choir for some friends that were getting married at St. Mary in Cambridge. Despite waking up this morning with a sore throat, I managed to make it thru the ceremony and I was home by 5pm working on the huge backlog of wedding photos....

2 more minutes of fame....

I went to see Amanda with the Pops last night, and it was good! The first half was the Pops doing 4 pieces from Gustav Holst's The Planets. I thought it was a good choice as it's pretty involving.

During the intermission, one of the trombonists came up and sat down with us. I had no idea what they were up to, but Amanda made an entrance in style. At around 1:22 in the video, you can see me standing:


Two Loons for Tea @ Lizard Lounge on Wednesday

One of my favorite bands from the west coast that hardly every tours is on the east coast this week. I'm heading to NYC tomorrow to see them and they're at the Lizard Lounge for an early show (7:30 doors).

I am generally not good at describing music, but 'dark dreamy smart pop' would be a few good words about them. Hop on over to and take a listen and then come see them on Wednesday!

that season...

Blessed Pascha, Happy Easter, Happy Passover, etc....

For the photogeeks in the crowd, taken with my new Canon 40D. It's a great evolution from the 20D, and produces some amazing images at high ISOs (check out the gallery for some ISO 3200 samples). All of the 1600/3200 images had some amount of noise reduction. Canon's latest raw conversion software does a great job of killing off the chroma/splotchy color blobs and leaving a pleasing, film-like grain.
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why I like the miata....

This link was forwarded to me today. It was written by Randy Pobst, who's driven for a bunch of teams, including Mazda and Audi. He's a wicked funny writer, too.

I was just at Lime Rock on Monday. I was able to turn 1:08 laps there, which is respectable, but good Miatas (and better drivers than I)  are down in the 1:01 range. I wish I could get to Lime Rock more than once a year, since it's pretty much the perfect track for the Miata. There are 2 big corners that are taken pretty much flat out, and only one big braking corner (at the end of the main straight).

Randy talked about one of the corners at Lime Rock:

The Downhill. Great fast bumpy right-hander, steep downhill entry, flattens out over big bumps in the middle, then goes off-camber at the 100 mph exit. Very hairy in the little cars, almost flat on street tires. Almost. I love almost-flat corners. Scary. Thrilling. The little cars are right on the edge the whole way through. You commit early, then hang on. Hands are all ya got, the gas pedal doesn't do anything at this speed. Well, yeah it does, but not much, best to keep it on the floor.

Makes me want to be back there, right now.

I had 2 great students at the school, and it was great as always to see them improve over the course of just one day.

Friday is my first day at NHIS NHMS. No students this time--instead I'll be mentoring  the BMW club's instructor candidates.