Dar Williams at Paradise Rock Club

On Thursday Dar played at Paradise Rock Club, amazingly enough, for the first time. Jesse Harris (ex of Once Blue, one of my favorite bands that no one knows) opened and then later played in Dar's band.

The lighting guy at the Paradise was very good, so I was really happy with the shots, other than the overall quantity of light. In the past I've been able to shoot at ISO 800 or 1600 at the Paradise, but this time I found myself at 3200 to get a decent shutter speed. Kudos to Canon's DPP for producing amazingly noise-free JPGs from the RAW files.

I've given in and decided to try Flickr for photo hosting, so the rest of the pix are here

I'd be curious to hear comments about Flickr vs. my lame old gallery.

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Vote, vote vote
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2nd place!

This weekend was the 2nd of 2 COM time trials in a week at NHMS. At the beginning of October, I finally broke into the 1:26 range, but hadn't been able to get below 1:26, so I made that my goal this weekend. Early on Saturday I managed to do that with a 1:25.9 or so, and throughout the weekend I was dipping down to 1:25.3.

During the time trials, I laid down a 1:25.8 which was fast enough to place 2nd in my class, and also to beat out COM's chief instructor (bumping him to 3rd).

This was the last track day of the year and in a year where I managed to get 22 days in on the track, was probably the best.

I also got the chance to drive another Miata that might be for sale, and if I can arrange a buyer for mine, I might pick it up. It's got way better suspension and a much stronger engine, so it'd be a great place to start out next year!

meottr milestones

Today at NHMS the Miata (aka the meottr) turned 100,000 miles. I think i bought it with 89,000 miles on it about 3 years ago.

This weekend I was teaching at a BMW school, and my first 2 days (Fri-Sat) had me instructing with their Instructor Training School. It's an intensive 2-day school that tries to cram a year's worth of mentoring into 2 days. Only 2 out of 9 candidates graduated (and I'm proud that one of them was my student). Today I had 2 'regular' students and had a blast with them.

The other milestone is that this weekend I finally broke into the 1:26.x laptime window at NHMS. I'd been solidly in the 1:27-1:28 timeframe there all year, and just couldn't get it down lower. This weekend I tried a few different lines and tried to get more comfortable with the car sliding a bit and that seemed to do it. I was able to lay down a bunch of 1:26 laps yesterday and today.

I also got a chance to drive a friend's miata with better suspension and a new engine and by the 4th lap in it I was turning 1:24 laps. So, this winter, as a present to the meottr for lasting 100,000 miles, it'll get a new engine and some upgraded suspension...


rumors that become true

I'd been hearing from a couple of sources that the Dresden Dolls as a band were more or less done, but I was hoping it wasn't true. Sadly, tonight this came to my inbox:

Besides being an amazing band, they supported a wonderful cadre of opening acts, many that I came to love. They were also supportive of other non-musical artists (with the Brigade), and as a photographer they gave me the opportunity to hone my art and share it with others. I'll always be thankful for that opportunity and the memories I have.
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borrow a GSM phone for the weekend?

I'm in a bit of a bind and need to port my cellphone # out of Verizon by Saturday. I've got a temporary AT&T phone on order (which will be replaced by an iPhone), but it looks like the temp phone may not be here by Friday.

Anyone have a AT&T compatible GSM phone I could borrow for a few days?


QA, anyone?

I'm in the midst of updating my new treo, and the title bar of the update app made me look twice:

"Power Vision" is Sprint's name for their high speed access. I think someone missed a search & replace!

public safety

While sitting on the front porch, working, a firetruck, then ambulance and then a police car pulled up at my neighbor's house. 2 minutes later everyone left. False Alarm. The best kind!

cabaret this weekend to support kidney transplant

A friend of a friend needs a kidney transplant, and so they're raising funds to help cover some of the costs. The live donor (a friend of the person in need) can't get paid time off work for the operation and will need time to recover.

They are doing a cabaret performance in Harvard Square on Friday & Saturday as a fundraiser. I'm planning on going to the Friday show at this point and would love to meet up with folks for dinner before. I might also be convinced to go Saturday (it's a good cause!). Let me know if you'd like to go and i'll get tickets for you.

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