Jeff (geoffroi) wrote,

Noe Venable, reading her play "The Homecomer" (Tuesday 6/2 @ Harvard)

I'm pretty sure this will be something not to be missed. I'd drive to NYC to see Noe play, and I'm excited to see what she's doing on the theatrical front. Anyone want to go? Dinner at Bartley's before?


Please join us for a staged reading of

The Homecomer

a new, one-person play
written, performed and
featuring original music by
Noe Venable

Tuesday, June 2nd
Andover Chapel
45 Francis Avenue
Cambridge, MA  02138
doors @ 7:45, show at 8PM
Free!  (of course  :)

This past fall, Noe was one of eight HDS students who student taught at
Arlington High School as part of the Program in Religious Studies and
Education.  This play draws upon that experience.  In it, Noe grapples with
the question, what does it mean to pursue teaching as ministry?  What are
the implications of cultivating religious sensibility in a secular
institution?   Told in vignettes and songs, The Homecomer explores issues
of identity, calling, and the challenges one faces embarking on a life of

Press from Venable's albums:

"Here we have a homegrown, full blown young musical visionary, and a window
into a part of the new San Francisco sound. This train is headed somewhere"

"She's the freshest voice in San Francisco"
--San Francisco Magazine

"Ravishingly melodic!"
--Ani Difranco

Noe Venable is a singer-songwriter, composer, and poet. Having honed her
songwriting and musicianship within the context of San Franciscoâs rich
experimental and jazz music scene, Venable has gone on to wider recognition
through the release of five albums, as well as several national tours
opening for such artists as Ani DiFranco and They Might be Giants.  This
June she completes the Program in Religious Studies and Education at
Harvard Divinity School.

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