Jeff (geoffroi) wrote,

2nd place!

This weekend was the 2nd of 2 COM time trials in a week at NHMS. At the beginning of October, I finally broke into the 1:26 range, but hadn't been able to get below 1:26, so I made that my goal this weekend. Early on Saturday I managed to do that with a 1:25.9 or so, and throughout the weekend I was dipping down to 1:25.3.

During the time trials, I laid down a 1:25.8 which was fast enough to place 2nd in my class, and also to beat out COM's chief instructor (bumping him to 3rd).

This was the last track day of the year and in a year where I managed to get 22 days in on the track, was probably the best.

I also got the chance to drive another Miata that might be for sale, and if I can arrange a buyer for mine, I might pick it up. It's got way better suspension and a much stronger engine, so it'd be a great place to start out next year!

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