Jeff (geoffroi) wrote,

meottr milestones

Today at NHMS the Miata (aka the meottr) turned 100,000 miles. I think i bought it with 89,000 miles on it about 3 years ago.

This weekend I was teaching at a BMW school, and my first 2 days (Fri-Sat) had me instructing with their Instructor Training School. It's an intensive 2-day school that tries to cram a year's worth of mentoring into 2 days. Only 2 out of 9 candidates graduated (and I'm proud that one of them was my student). Today I had 2 'regular' students and had a blast with them.

The other milestone is that this weekend I finally broke into the 1:26.x laptime window at NHMS. I'd been solidly in the 1:27-1:28 timeframe there all year, and just couldn't get it down lower. This weekend I tried a few different lines and tried to get more comfortable with the car sliding a bit and that seemed to do it. I was able to lay down a bunch of 1:26 laps yesterday and today.

I also got a chance to drive a friend's miata with better suspension and a new engine and by the 4th lap in it I was turning 1:24 laps. So, this winter, as a present to the meottr for lasting 100,000 miles, it'll get a new engine and some upgraded suspension...


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