July 10th, 2009


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The new Miata has been great this year....it's so much more car than the old one and is really challenging me to push harder.

So far this year I've done 18 days at the track, and run 3 time trials with COM. In those I've placed 3rd, 3rd and 1st (and set a class record this weekend). I've been blessed with good students at all of the schools I've taught at, and mostly good weather (though the hail at Lime Rock was not much fun).

The downside of the new Miata is that it's a much harsher car, and the highway miles to and from the track have been more and more painful. It's so loud that even with earplugs in, my ears are ringing a bit after 6 hours in the car, and a friend of mine that borrowed the Miata got pulled over by the State Police for noise. Plus, I'm more and more worried about what would happen in an accident with the roll cage right next to my helmet-less head.

In May I started thinking about getting some sort of vehicle to haul the Miata (and tools/tires/etc) to the track. I wanted something that was enclosed for the tracks that have no garages. I stumbled on something a bit out of the ordinary on Ebay: A truck that was set up to haul cars on the bed:

It's got a hitch to tow a trailer, so I can split the driving/fuel/tolls with someone that has a trailer (and it looks like I have someone to go with for many of the remaining events this year).

My friend Jay Sohn and I flew into Houston last night, and we're waiting on them to finish pulling the lettering off the other side and then we're on the road.

There's a few more pix here. I'll post some updates on the trip back....1855 miles!